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  AlpenHotel Panorama
( Streda Ciadenac, 7 - Campitello di Fassa (TN) )
  AlpHoliday Dolomiti Wellness & Fun Hotel
( Via Campiglio, 4 - Dimaro (TN) )
  Alpino Family Hotel
( Via Priori, 17 - Andalo (TN) )
  Ambiez Suite Hotel Family & Wellness
( via Priori 8 - Andalo (TN) )
  Brunet Hotels Family & Wellness SPA Resort
( Via Roma, 30 - Tonadico (TN) Primiero San Martino di Castrozza )
  Family & Wellness Hotel Serena
( Via Crosare, 15 - Andalo (TN) )
  Family & Wellness Hotel Shandranj
( Loc. Stava, 36 - Tesero (TN) )
  Family Hotel Adriana
( Via Doghen, 3 - Ledro (TN) )
  Family Hotel La Perla
( Via Venezia 26 - Transaqua (TN) )
  Gardea SoulFamily Resort
( Via delle Busatte 60, 38069 Torbole sul Garda )
  Hotel Bellavista
( Via Rosmini, 38 - Giustino Pinzolo (TN) )
  Hotel Belvedere Wellness & Family
( Via Domenica Targa 45 - Baselga di Pinè (TN) )
  Hotel Residence Vioz
( Via dei Cavai n.10 - Pejo (TN) )
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The Autonomous Province of Trento

My Family Hotel is a product club aimed at families and is officially recognised by the Province of Trentino. Established in 2006 with support from the Autonomous Province of Trento, which recognised its strategic value in expanding the province's tourism offer, it was the first product club of hotels to be officially recognised by the Province. The Club currently numbers 14 hotels located in various areas of the province selected from the best hotels in Trentino specialising in family holidays.

Association of Hoteliers and Tourism Businesses of the Province of Trento (ASAT)

My Family Hotel was established in 2006 out of an alliance andthe commitment of a group of hoteliers associated to ASAT, who got together to create a highly-specialised product that would hold a prominent market position in the family sector. ASAT has stood by the group since its creation and maintains its association with it by supporting it as a first-class group of entrepreneurs active in the province.
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