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  AlpenHotel Panorama
( Streda Ciadenac, 7 - Campitello di Fassa (TN) )
  AlpHoliday Dolomiti Wellness & Fun Hotel
( Via Campiglio, 4 - Dimaro (TN) )
  Alpino Family Hotel
( Via Priori, 17 - Andalo (TN) )
  Ambiez Suite Hotel Family & Wellness
( via Priori 8 - Andalo (TN) )
  Brunet Hotels Family & Wellness SPA Resort
( Via Roma, 30 - Tonadico (TN) Primiero San Martino di Castrozza )
  Family & Wellness Hotel Serena
( Via Crosare, 15 - Andalo (TN) )
  Family & Wellness Hotel Shandranj
( Loc. Stava, 36 - Tesero (TN) )
  Family Hotel Adriana
( Via Doghen, 3 - Ledro (TN) )
  Family Hotel La Perla
( Via Venezia 26 - Transaqua (TN) )
  Gardea SoulFamily Resort
( Via delle Busatte 60, 38069 Torbole sul Garda )
  Hotel Bellavista
( Via Rosmini, 38 - Giustino Pinzolo (TN) )
  Hotel Belvedere Wellness & Family
( Via Domenica Targa 45 - Baselga di Pinè (TN) )
  Hotel Residence Vioz
( Via dei Cavai n.10 - Pejo (TN) )
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Holidays in Trentino with children: things to do

The list of things to do when on holiday with children in Trentino is endless!
When you choose My Family Hotel, you'll have the reassurance of staying in a hotel that puts families first and that offers not only special facilities in the hotel but also a few ideas on how to add a touch of fun and wonder to every day.

Trentino for children: a mountain of fun

Summer or winter, every season is a good time to visit Trentino with all the family. This is what makes the mountains so special - they change with every season and as they do they offer you a variety of ways of enjoying them.
Whether climbing a tree or milking a cow in summer, making a huge snowman or having unforgettable sledge rides in winter, you can come back as often as you like and every time it will seem like a different holiday.

Endless possibilities for families on holiday in Trentino

Adults and children have different needs, but they also like to have fun together and the family holiday is the right time for this. In Trentino we have created a network of hotels that can satisfy the needs of both.

So, let’s go with all the things grown-ups and little ones can do together!

For example, in the adventure parks grown-ups and little ones can enjoy the thrill of gliding through the trees on fantastic aerialcourses with rope bridges, zip lines and rope swings.There are walks suitable for everyone in Trentino’s nature parks, so grown-ups and little ones can step out together.

And when the children would rather have some time together without Mum and Dad?
There are many organised activities, from farm visits to playing in the snowpark. Meanwhile, Mum and Dad can enjoy a bit of relaxation at the thermal spa or in the wellness centre.

Does this sound like your idea of a holiday?
What shall we do today?

  Let's go and play in the snow!  


  Let's relax at the thermal spa!  


  Let's explore the region!  

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